Success Stories

Activity on Referral has already helped thousands of people to improve their health and wellbeing by leading a more active lifestyle.

These are just few of the people who’s lives have been changed by the scheme, please click the photos to see their stories.

Adrian's Story >>

“You’re obese” said the Doctor “Yes your body mass index is over 30 and if you want to live a healthy retirement you had better think about your lifestyle”.


After feeling somewhat dejected because as far as I was concerned a little over weight, yes, beer belly a bit big, yes, shirts a bit tight, yes. Did I do a lot of exercise err no.


So when my GP referred me to my local gym on the Activity on Referral scheme it was something of a trauma for me. I had never set foot in such a place in my life on the basis that gyms were for the young, lithe, toned and tanned 20 or 30 something’s with more money than sense – Oh how wrong could I be?


I was impressed with the one to one personal fitness training tailored to suit ones ability for the first few sessions and my fears soon evaporated and gave way to a genuine keenness to go just one more night. After the first week, could it be there was slightly more room in my shirt? Then, I detected a loose trouser waistband and the belt going in a notch. By the end of the first month a definite improvement and friends, family and work colleagues began to notice.


The 12 weeks flew by, 6 kg’s disappeared somewhere, I know not where and I was feeling great. By now I was well impressed, signed up by Direct Debit, bought myself a fancy pair of trainers and gym kit – Just to blend in you understand. Well you have to look the part don’t you! Now I am in the routine of 45 minutes a night the weight is still disappearing. Even have muscle definition, now that is a bonus.


But the best bit of all, I still eat the same and slip back the old never fears, yep no need to diet – eat and drink sensibly, exercise regularly and you to can be a reborn fitness fanatic. It really is so easy give it a try.

Arthur's Story >>

8 years ago I suffered a ruptured Aortic Aneurysm. 18 months ago I was diagnosed with emphysema. Until I joined the Activity on Referral scheme I struggled with breathing, my life was worthless. There has been such a change now in my life in all aspects and my breathing capacity has increased. I have found the scheme extremely helpful and have been encouraged to continue with lifestyle changes which are improving my health.

Sandra's Story >>

I am 55 years old and had never been to the gym in my life and hadn’t swum for over 20 years. I had put on 5 kg in one year and I realised I needed to do something about it. Then I found the Activity on Referral scheme after visiting my GP, now I wish I had found it 30 years ago. I had a programme written out for me by a member of the gym staff and now come in the mornings to use the gym before I swim. Since I started I have become quite addicted to it. It has been brilliant.

Reg's Story >>

UK guidelines say a desirable cholesterol level should be measured at under five, but weighing 13 stone and a cholesterol level of 7.6 my doctor referred to my local gym to start a programme of exercise.
In four months of regular exercise and a change in diet I successfully lowered my level to 4.4 and lost 2.5 stone and because of the generous subsidy, it didn’t break the bank either.
I enjoy feeling fitter, I enjoy the challenges, I enjoy life all of which is, in no small way, thanks to the Activity Referral Scheme.